Bend The Bridge: Juice & Yoga Detox (Jan 12 - Jan 14, 2018)


‘Juice & Yoga Detox’ Program

Fresh From The Farm Juices is so excited to partner with Bend The Bridge Yoga to offer a customized ‘Juice & Yoga Detox’.  It is the perfect way to create harmony from within while glowing on the outside.  The cleanse will be for 2-days and take place on Jan 13-14, 2018 (Sat-Sun). 

FFTFJ will be dropping the juices at Bend The Bridge on Friday evening (Jan 12), at which time all cleansers will be delighted to a pre-cleanse yoga class at the studio.

On Sunday evening, Jan 14 - FFTFJ will be hosting a break your cleanse meal at our South Hills location (see details below).  

Juice Cleanse: Our cleanses are nutrient and vitamin-rich, as more than 2-3 pounds of organic produce goes into each bottle.  Each day, 6 organic juices and 2 freshly pressed shots aim to purify and invigorate the body naturally.

Yoga Class: A detox-based yoga class focused on healthy circulation, igniting the metabolism and digestive tract, and harmonizing your central nervous system, leaves participants calm, happy, and thirsty—a perfect way to start or end the juice cleanse!

Break Your Cleanse Meal: A fresh, all-organic meal provided by Fresh From The Farm Juices.  This includes an assortment of healthy salads/wraps, hearty soups, organic fruits, chia bowls and power bites for desert.  100% abundant in flavor!  Also includes delicious cleanse-breaking juices.

*If any participants can’t attend the party, we will provide them with an equal value voucher they can redeem in store anytime.

Stay tuned as Fresh From The Farm Juices will also be hosting 1-2 tastings at Bend The Bridge to help promote the group cleanse.

 Signup can be done either at or by calling us directly at 724-640-3396.  Please sign up early, as we will be limiting it to the first 50 people.

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